The elite squad for your IT operations

NETSQUAD LLC is an independent consultancy firm, it specializes in Information Technologies and has developed various techniques through the implementation of several major projects for US, Swiss and multinational companies. Our core competencies are in the domain of Research and Development, IT Security and Data Protection. Ensuring excellence in computer security requires state-of-the-art technical solutions – whether this is for government organizations, major business groups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) or banks. Our company has a strong background in this field and our managers are dedicated to providing creative solutions and robust applications to ensure the best results for our clients.

NETSQUAD LLC is organized in two major areas :

Research and Development

Centered on the discovery of innovative, technological solutions and adaptations of these products for major clients in both government and business.

Operations Department

Specialized in the implementation of the products generated by our research. This department is the backbone of NETSQUAD LLC.

The synergy generated by these two departments creates unbeatable advantages for our customers. Together, NETSQUAD SA has evolved using standardized programming language and logic that successfully deliver products that match our clients’ objectives.