The elite squad for your Internet operations

Our team brought together skills to handle complex projects from concept to full implementation. Our experience of nearly 20 years in the field of new technologies gives us the outlook required to advise you on choices and possible directions of your project or to evaluate its level of security.


Once the features and constraints precisely established, the choice of tools is essential. With our extensive experience in application development, our team is able to select the most suitable technologies for your project in order to ensure its robustness and scalability.

Web + UI Design

Our experience has been built on nearly 20 years of achievements of interfaces for diversified markets and environments. It is through these crossing experiences that  we are able to provide our customers a very rich approach.

The expectation of any user is a responsive et fast interface.

We achieve this goal by integrating the notions of optimization at the design level for elements composing the interface and its structure, as well for embedded systems or mobile.

  • Signature corporate :  The signature consists of isolating the minimal elements sufficient to highlight the image in most diverse environments. It is possible to apply the signature to the various GUIs, from the simplest to the most complex.
  • “Usabililty” – Intuitiveness, ergonomy & conviviality : Any interface aims to humanize a system that is governed primarily by technology. Taking into account the nature of users (internal or external to the company), as well as the frequency of use (one-time, regular or constant), we are able to define the requirements in intuitiveness, ergonomy and usability of the interface.
  • “Skinning” : consists in developing the graphic layer of the interface as a skin that would wrap the system. Beyond a simple direct application of previously set mockups, it is at this stage to fully optimize the interface components.

Security & Load test

Our expertise in application development and network management, coupled with our knowledge of hacking techniques allow us to quickly identify potential vulnerabilities of an application and its infrastructure to advise you on ways to address them.

  • Web security audit : in black box (without knowing the internal structure of your website and web server) or in white box (having access to the server).
  • Intrusion tests : Setting in situation of a real intrusion test using the current hacking techniques.
  • Load tests : be it to identify the cause of malfunction faced by a software or for ensuring before opening to the public that your application can resist a given load. We have the tools and experience to identify and address problems.
  • Source code audit : Audit application written in Java or PHP.
  • High security : Implementation of hardware or software encryption system (eg token) and biometric access control.