FRONT is operational!

0809_frontFRONT is the name which now carries our own content management system (CMS).

For several years, we have tested and used lots of content management tools among the best known (Mambo, Joomla, Typo3, WordPress, …). The features and capabilities of these are very large, but when it comes to managing an SME portal, they turn out in most cases deficient.

Their complexity makes it difficult indeed occasional use by a person unfamiliar with the area. And over time, the site falls in the abandonment …

So we redesigned a CMS on the principle of ultra-simplified use. This is now done. FRONT offers the ability to edit site content directly into pages – in situ – hence the name FRONT “Front End editing”. Its use is so obvious that it requires no training and there is no risk of loss of control within the company.